Dimensioning of Vopak Midex Rotterdam Europoort

Customer: Verwater Group B.V.

Project: Expansion of Vopak Terminal Europoort (VTE)

Assignment: Complete dimensioning of Vopak Midex Rotterdam Europoort

In order to store Jet Fuel A1, tanks had to be constructed at tank location 16 with a total capacity of 400,000 m3. Besides the construction of the tanks, the following works were also part of the Midex Greenfield project: a brand new pump station, civil and mechanical works, piping and E&I.

Dimensioning of tank construction Vopak Terminal Europoort

Geoservice Landmeetkunde performed the following surveying services:

  • Basic land surveying plan with topographic research;
  • Surveying the environment;
  • Concrete dimensioning;
  • Anchor dimensioning
  • Sewer dimensioning
  • Piping dimensioning
  • Deformation measurements of crane foundations and structures adjacent to the building site
  • As-built researches and plans during construction.
  • 3D wall scans during construction
  • Verification measurements of tanks at a horizontal plane
  • Verticality measurements of tank walls
  • Out-of-roundness measurements of tanks
  • Surface profile measurements of  tanks
  • Verification measurements after construction for water testing of tanks (settlement)