Railroad dimensioning

The Netherlands has a wide and complicated network of railroads and railways. Consequently, maintenance and service on railroads and railways require a perfect planning, perfect dimensioning and flexibility of the dimensioning staff of the railways.  Geoservice Landmeetkunde’s professional team is highly experienced in railroad dimensioning and flexibility has priority in our company. Therefore, our railroad dimensioning team is also at your service 24/7. Our expertise and experience covers all fields in respect of railroad dimensioning, from streetcar and underground railroads to train railways.

Railroad dimensioning services:

  • Streetcar railroad dimensioning
  • Underground railroad dimensioning
  • Train railway dimensioning
  • Dimensioning of switches and level crossings
  • Revision surveys
  • Monitoring

Geoservice Landmeetkunde: your partner in railroad dimensioning

Geoservice’s experienced team will execute every project in railroad dimensioning fully tailor-made. Our team of railroad dimensions will complete all projects successfully, both nationally and internationally.  Railroad dimensioning requires speed and flexibility; that is why we are at your service 24/7.