Road dimensioning

Geoservice Landmeetkunde is the professional partner in the field of dimensioning in road construction. We have the right expertise and the latest armamentarium and techniques for both small and large road construction projects. All projects for dimensioning in road construction will be executed tailor-made in consultation with the customer. Geoservice is the right partner for both renewal and reconstruction projects.

Road construction dimensioning services:

  • Surveying of existing situations
  • Preparation for design plans
  • Layout of digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • Altitude and profile measurements
  • Verification and deformation measurements
  • Plotting of road designs and parcel borders

The correct experience for dimensioning in road construction

Dimensioning in road construction requires the most accurate measurements, as small deviations may lead to large and expensive consequences, if they continue for long distances. Geoservice Landmeetkunde’s experienced team ensures that every project will be completed successfully. Check our references on dimensioning in construction for pictures and experiences.