Altitude measurements

Does your project entail the risk of progress of settling of objects or premises? Please engage Geoservice Landmeetkunde.  Altitude measurements are required to record altitude differences between objects highly accurately. Geoservice Landmeetkunde’s team is highly experienced in altitude measurements on small and large projects. Correct altitude measurements are based on a perfect and comprehensive baseline measurement.  We will report extensively on the progress of settling – if any – so you may intervene in time.

The proper tools for perfect altitude measurements

Geoservice Landmeetkunde has the proper armamentarium for altitude measurements. Albeit the exact altitude of a culvert or sewer drain; we will assess each project anew for the best method and tools to perform our measurements efficiently and at a low cost. For accurate altitude determination and small-sized projects it will be obvious to use a spirit level, or a digital spirit level.

For projects that require extreme accuracy, a digital spirit level is often most precise and quick. Besides digital spirit levelling, we also use GPS measurements.

Altitude measurement services:

  • Spirit levelling of gauge bolts
  • Measuring cross and longitudinal sections
  • Surveying ground levels, settlement rods, etc.
  • Flatness measurements (surface profiles)
  • Deformation measurements (also storage tanks)
  • Accuracy of spirit levelling