Verification measurements

Proper dimensioning will minimize risks in any project and avoid failure costs. To this end, verification measurements are of vital importance. Verification measurements must be carried out at regular intervals, most certainly in large projects. Our land surveying team is deployed quite often for verification measurements on previous measurements. Geoservice Landmeetkunde´s team only measures by means of the latest techniques and most innovative armamentarium.

Application of verification measurements
Verification measurements are applied in a wide range of projects:

  • GBKN (large scale basis map of the Netherlands)
  • Volume/surface determination
  • Deformation measurements
  • Situation & detail measurements
  • Dimensioning

Bespoke verification measurements

All verification measurements will be executed fully tailor-made. No matter if you wish to execute this in weekends, at night or on weekdays, you will always find Geoservice’s land surveyors at your service. Verification measurements are performed on previous measurements including deformation measurements, situation measurements and surface determinations. Any verification measurement is finished off with a comprehensive, crystal-clear and accurate report of the measurements performed.