Deformation measurements

Bridges, fly-overs, engineering works, monumental premises and other structures may be less steady than they would appear at first sight. Environmental impact or temperature impact may cause strain, shrinkage, or settling of structures. Excavation or building and construction in the immediate vicinity of an object may also have an impact on the structures. Deformation measurements will ensure that the consequences of specific works can be mapped out. Geoservice Landmeetkunde is highly experienced in deformation measurements and thinks along with you to find technical and economic solutions.

Deformation measurements require bespoke solutions

Claims for damages or costs by any damage that was caused may have a considerable impact on the final result of your project. By means of deformation measurements you will be able to identify immediately what deformations are in progress and to take effective measures. Geoservice Landmeetkunde performs deformation measurements with the most accurate digital measuring equipment. Our team records the current situation of an existing object before building and construction starts.

Such a well-planned preliminary survey by our geodetic experts prevents unjust claims for damages and supports carefree processing of any damage that was actually caused. Depending on the possible deformations we will measure horizontally ( X,Y) or vertically (Z), and of course we can combine these deformation measurements.

Deformation measurement services:

  • Baseline measurements
  • Vertical and horizontal deformation measurements
  • Relative and absolute deformation measurements
  • Measurements on the inside and outside of structures
  • Adequate reporting